Renewable Energy

Investing in a greener tomorrow.

Current and emerging technologies in renewable energy generation are proving to be a viable alternative to fossil fuel energy. As the worlds fossil fuel reserves are depleted, a transition to renewable energy is imminent. Secure your business's energy future by investing in renewable technologies whilst contributing to a greener environment. The investment will provide your business with sustainable energy into the future whilst realizing significant savings by avoiding rising energy costs and carbon taxes.

Being a greener company has the potential to improve and create new business relationships with other businesses that are mitigating carbon emissions and positively contributing to climate change - possibilities of accelerating business opportunities and increasing market share are some of the competitive advantages that green businesses are already benefiting from.

Solar Photovoltaic Electricity

Harness the most abundant natural resource available. Solar Photovoltaic or PV cells can virtually provide an unlimited amount of electricity. The demand for this technology is driving prices down making this an economically viable solution. Quantum Satis provides tailored solutions to suite your business, we provide you with the option of outright purchase together with a complete turnkey solution or alternatively we invest in the technology and provide you with a power purchase agreement.

Solar Water Heating and Steam Generation

Does your business utilise large quantities of hot water or steam? Quantum Satis provides complete solar thermal solutions from hot water systems to steam for process heat or power generation. Generate hot water up to 80 degrees celsius using flat plate solar thermal collectors or evacuated solar tubes.

If your business requires steam then concentrated solar technologies using parabolic troughs can generate steam in excess of 350 degrees celsius. The steam generated by concentrated solar plant can be used to provide process heating or for utility scale power generation.

Biomass Energy

Biomass, a carbon neutral fuel source derived from waste wood is fast becoming a preferable fuel source for many businesses. Quantum Satis has established key relationships with technology partners as well as sustainable forestries to provide your business with a complete turnkey solution for biomass systems.

The heat generated by the biomass system can be used as process heat or to drive a steam turbine to generate electricity. Alternatively the system can be mated to a combined heat and power (CHP) system to provide both process heat as well as electricity.